School Code : WB – 181, SIN : 2302181
170/295A, N.S.C.Bose Road ( 2/45A, Netaji Nagar ) Kolkata – 700 092
Phone No. 2411 6027 , 2421 5221, Fax No. 033 2411 6027, E-mail id :

Principal's Desk

It gives me great delight and immense contentment to state that NARMADA SCHOOL has scaled great heights and attained many landmarks in a span of 18 years.

This esteemed school was established in 1991 and within a span of less than five years we had our ownership building. Today our school has two buildings – one at 170/295A Netaji Nagar and the other at – 4/71 Netaji Nagar. This school is managed by the Narmada Education Society. Our teachers are truly dedicated and they make a sincere effort in making the child truly independent, spiritual, honest and truthful. We adopt a holistic approach in the development of our children.

The school has won numerous awards in debates, elocution, dance and singing competition. Our students have won prizes in all activities. Today we are proud of our students who have become Engineers, Doctors, Government Officers, Teachers, Players and above all – excellent human beings. We want our students to be the guiding light for the next generation. Over the years our School has held many Annual Functions wherein the students have performed Plays and Dramas by Tagore, Shakespeare and other great writers and poets. It is a mesmerizing sight to see the colourful and rhythmic dances performed by the students on the stage. Seeing them perform, I am sure the great directors would wonder how our teachers could manage such young toddlers and playful teenagers at the same time and on the same platform?

Our school has really believed in the motto – Courage and Determination. We have given courage and determination to students who have been physically or mentally challenged. These students with the help of the Managing Committee, the esteemed Council and above all with the unstinted support of the teachers – have done well and proved a niche for themselves.

It was many moons ago when many students had looked at the sky with dreams in their eyes. Today this school has fulfilled the dreams of most of our students. We all have taught our students to dream – dream of a future full of hope and assurance.

We all must never feel our aim in life is fulfilled; if we do that our desire to achieve diminishes. We must achieve the unattainable. We must be like the doctor who makes a lame man walk a marathon, a dumb chant the name of God or a blind man seeing the sunrise and sunset.

Teaching is the noblest profession. We strive and make our students realize the importance of knowledge. In our country knowledge is compare to ‘Brahma’. Knowledge is divine.

While I am penning off, I feel like the mother who sees her children contented and settled and sheds a tear of happiness. I feel happy with whatever my teachers and students have achieved. At the end , I wish to the Almighty for peace not only in my country but in the whole world. Let us all spread the message of love and brotherhood. Narmada School has always been an apostle of peace. We believe in all the mottos and principles of our constitution.

Satyameva Jayate i.e. truth alone shall conquer . Truth and honesty is the key word to success and happiness and our team of dedicated teachers have successfully made the students realize this great virtue.

Jayanti Ray